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Case History # 1 - Allergies

Woman, age 48,
Allergies for the past two years since moving to Arizona, and then Santa Fe, NM.
headaches, the patient attributed to the allergies.
Pulse: thin, floating. Lung pulse floating, Spleen and Kidney pulse weak.
Tongue: normal color, thin white coat, scalloped.
Diagnosis: Wind invasion with underlying Spleen and Kidney deficiency.
Treatment: Plant Herbal Treasures "Allergy Decongest" (Allergies - Lung & Liver Compound)
Cang Er Zi San plus Chai Hu, Huang Qin, Bai Zhu, Fang Feng, Wu Wei Zi, Gan Cao.
Acupuncture: Yintang, Bitong, LI4, Lu 7, Sp6, Kid 3, SJ 5.
Result: Allergies all gone. No runny nose, sneezing, congestion, headaches.

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