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Case History # 1 - Allergies

Case History # 2 - Angina and coronary artery disease

Woman, age 47
Pain that travels along the medial aspect of the left arm to the pinky finger, heart palpitations, heavy sensation in the chest, shortness of breath, cold hands and feet, leg cramps every night in bed.
Pulse: thin, weak, irregular, knotted, "pulse feels fatty or spongy-like", pedialis pulse imperceptible.
Tongue: Purple, thin white coat.
Diagnosis: Phlegm-Blood stasis blocking heart orifice
Patient had seen two different MD's at two separate occasions and how they stated to her that nothing was wrong. I asked if they had given her nitroglycerin pills and she said no. I asked her how her cholesterol and blood pressure were, and she stated that they told her borderline normal for both. I checked her blood pressure myself and it was 155/110.
*I would not have treated this patient if it were not for the fact that she had already seen two different MD's already and having been diagnosed as not having anything wrong on both occasions. >From an MD's perspective, they should have done an angiogram to see that she was experiencing coronary problems and angina to say the least. Why it wasn't done is besides the point. I do not recommend an acupuncturist to treat this kind of patient without being duly knowledgeable with the use of herbs. The only reason that I treated this patient, especially as severe as the condition was, is because she did not receive proper treatment as she should have, and for me to refer her to the emergency room for them to say that there is nothing wrong would be doing a disservice to the patient. If she was experiencing the pain, shortness of breath, and heavy sensation in the chest at the very time that she was speaking to me, I would have surely sent her to the emergency room.
Treatment: Guan Xin Er Hao Feng (Coronary Heart Formula # 2) Main herbs: Mao Dong Qing, Dan Shen, Hong Hua, Chuan Xiong, Jiang Xiang, plus San Qi, Gua Lou Pi., plus Plant Herbal Treasures "Hawthorn - Salvia Compound"
Acupuncture: Ht6, Ht3, Liv3, St42, Sp6, Ren 14 & 17.
Result: After the acupuncture treatment, the patient remarked at how she seemed to be able to breathe easier. I felt her pulse and it was stronger than before. I could now feel the pedialis pulse on her foot.
2nd visit: The patient remarked at how the second day of taking the herbs, her lower part of her body had warmed up and that her feet were not cold like before. It was as if the blood was circulating now versus before. She also stated that the angina attacks were much less frequent and less severe. She stated that before her first visit that the pain was at an "8" on a pain scale of 1-10(1 being very mild, 10 being very severe) when she did have the episodes of pain and it would last an hour. Now when she does get the pain it is a " 5" and it only lasts 15minutes. She stated that she no longer gets the leg cramps either.
Her blood pressure is now 136/ 92. Her pulse wasn't as knotted as before. The "fatty" feeling had diminished significantly and was stronger. Her tongue was a pink color now, with a thin white coat. The same herbs were prescribed as before plus Plant Herbal Treasures " Ginkgo Compound"
3rd visit: The patient reported that the pain is at a "3-4" at the most and it only lasts for 5 minutes. The frequency of attacks had diminished by 75%. She reported that the Ginkgo Compound had seemed to improve her memory and she was able to focus and concentrate easier. Her blood pressure was 132/ 87. Her pulse stronger and was regular now. Her tongue was pink with a thin white coat now. Chelation therapy was prescribed along with the herbs and acupuncture.
4th visit: The patient reported that the pain is completely gone. No shortness of breath, cold hands or feet, heart palpitations, heavy sensation in chest. All symptoms gone. Her blood pressure 118/79. Her pulse was regular and moderate in strength and was felt in all positions easily. Her tongue is pink with a thin white coat.
No follow-up treatment was scheduled. Patient was advised to continue with herbs though .

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