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Case History # 1 - Allergies

Case History # 2 - Angina and coronary artery disease

Case History # 3 - Menopause hot flashes and insomnia

Woman, age 56,
Patient experienced severe hot flashes, sometimes up to 50 times a day or so. She found it difficult to focus and her memory had diminished greatly. She also has been a light sleeper all her life, sleeping around six hours a night. After she started experiencing the hot flashes though, she experienced more difficulty sleeping and was only able to sleep about two hours a night. She received previous treatments of acupuncture and herbal prescriptions from others with no improvement with the hot flashes or the sleeping.
Pulse: thin, weak, especially the Kidney and the Heart positions.
Tongue: red, thin, yellow coat in the root.
Diagnosis: Kidney & Heart Yin deficiency.
Treatment: Er Xian Tang Plus Compound prescribed. Calm Shen prescribed for the sleeping.
Result: Two days after starting on the Er Xian Tang Plus Compound, the patient noticed that the hot flashes were not as severe, nor as frequent. After one week of taking the prescription, her hot flashes were completely gone.  Her sleep had improved as well, as she was able to sleep six hours a night now.

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