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Case History # 1 - Allergies

Case History # 2 - Angina and coronary artery disease

Case History # 3 - Menopause hot flashes and insomnia

Case History # 4 - Insomnia, stress and numbness of arms

Woman, age 49,
Patient experienced numbness of arms, described as poor circulation. She also had a noticeable shaking of her head that she could not stop that she attributed to stress. She stated that she had difficulty breathing at times and experienced tightness in her chest. She also stated that she had difficulty sleeping as well and that she would wake in the night.
Pulse: thin, weak, knotted, "fatty".
Tongue: purple, thin white coat.
Treatment: Xue Fu Zhu Yu Tang plus Calm Shen Formula, Chamomile and Valerian.
Acupuncture: Liv3, LI4, GB20, Ren 6 & 17, Ht7, Sp9 plus Tui Na Massage treatment on back.
Result: After the treatment, the patient reported that she was much relaxed. The shaking was less.
2nd visit: The patient's shaking was completely gone. She stated that this is the best that she has slept in a long time. The numbness in her arms and the tightness in her chest was completely gone as well.
Pulse: thin, moderate. "fatty" feeling diminished.
Tongue: pink, thin white coat.

Case History # 5 - Thyroid low (Hypothyroid)

Case History # 6 - Diabetes, Hepatitis C and Menopause hot flashes

Case History # 7 - Uterine fibroids and ovarian cyst


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