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Case History # 1 - Allergies

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Case History # 5 - Thyroid low (Hypothyroid)

Man, age 52,
Patient was diagnosed with hypothyroid. The test showed elevated TSH. T4 - although in the normal range was slightly elevated. Patient complained of fatigue overall, difficulty getting up out of bed, allergies, sinus congestion, depression, some feelings of coldness and being stressed easily which could trigger an anxiety attack. Anxiety was something that he experienced when he was growing up. He had allergies when he was little and was prescribed medications with psuedoephedrine. He didn't realize till I mentioned to him that it was those types of medications that caused his anxiety. He then stated that he didn't think of that but it made sense. He then started putting the pieces together as I mentioned also, that was why they gave the medications for the anxiety which ended up "depressing" his Liver in Chinese medicine.
His MD wanted to prescribe Synthroid immediately after seeing the test result. His doctor also explained that he would have to be on it for the rest of his life. He chose instead to do acupuncture and herb treatment.
Pulse: slow, moderate overall, weak in the Liver and Spleen positions, slightly so in the Kidney Yang position.
Tongue: Pale, swollen
Blood pressure: The patient stated that he had low blood pressure of 110/70.
Treatment: Ren Shen, Fu Zi, Gan Cao, Bai Zhu, Fu Ling, Huang Qi, Dang Gui, Kun Bu. Xiao Yao San Plus Compound.
Acupuncture: Liv3, Liv8, Kid 7, Sp 9, Ren 6 & 17, LI4, ST 9.
Result: After the treatment the patient reported as being relaxed. His blood pressure was 135/95 after the treatment which corresponds to clinical experience which shows that if the blood pressure is high at the beginning, after the acupuncture treatment it will be lower and vice-versa if it is low in the beginning, it will tend to raise after the acupuncture session.
2nd visit: The patient reported having much more energy than before. He did not feel tired or fatigued as before. He stated that he did not struggle to get out of bed as before, and that it had become much easier for him to get up and moving around. The patient also stated that he was not depressed as before. His allergies seemed to be better he remarked as well.
Pulse: His pulse this time around was stronger overall than before. His Liver pulse had come up to normal which corresponds to the patient stating that he was not depressed anymore, as his Liv3 was not tender as before during the first treatment. The Kidney and Spleen pulse was much stronger than before. His blood pressure after the treatment was 125/85.
Tongue: was more pink this time than before, although still a little on the pale side.
Follow-up: a thyroid test was scheduled to confirm that his thyroid was functioning in the normal range.

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