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Case History # 1 - Allergies

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Case History # 3 - Menopause hot flashes and insomnia

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Case History # 6 - Diabetes, Hepatitis C and Menopause hot flashes

Woman, age 48,
Patient stated that she had contracted hepatitis C through exposure at her job which would be classified as an occupational hazard coming in contact with human blood and needles. She stated that she probably had it for a number of years without realizing it, until one day she decided to get tested for it being in the type of work environment as a nurse. She tested positive for Hep C. Her liver enzymes were elevated. She then did interferon treatment after which she developed type II diabetes. The time frame of all this is approximately 6 years.

The patient had come to see me for treatment of hypochondriac pain, nausea, and low back pain, the pain of which radiated to the back of her legs similar to a sciatica type of pain. She had lack of appetite, experienced sweating at times which she felt was due to menopause hot flashes. She previously had taken HRT to treat the hot flashes but stopped to see if there were other alternatives available for treatment. She had a fever of 103 degrees and was experiencing clay-colored stools since the appendectomy she recently had. She told her doctor that she thought that it might be related to the hepatitis C. Her doctor had denied as that having anything to do with it. Her blood sugar was not able to be stabilized even with 50 units of insulin daily after the surgery.
Pulse: rapid, rolling overall, forceful in the Liver/GB position
Tongue: Purplish overall, red on the sides, thin white coat.
Diagnosis: Damp-Heat toxin in the Liver/Gallbladder with Damp-Spleen and underlying Kidney deficiency.
Treatment: Bupleurum - Dandelion Compound, Long Dan Xie Gan Tang Plus Compound, Xiao Ke Formula (Diabetes).
Acupuncture: Liv 2, 8, & 14, GB34 & 40, Sp 9, Kid 6, PC 6, LI4.
Result: After the treatment the nausea and pain had diminished.
2nd visit: The patient reported that the nausea had come back 5 days after the first treatment. The hypochondriac pain had come back but not as bad. Her stools normalized in color and were formed. No more clay-colored stools. Acupuncture was performed again utilizing the same points. After the treatment the nausea and the hypochondriac pain had diminished again.
3rd visit: The patient had reported that the nausea and hypochondriac pain were gone and haven't come back. I then asked her about the blood sugar level. She reported that within 24 hours after she had started taking the herbs, that her blood sugar stabilized to normal levels. I asked her what her blood sugar was before while she was taking the 50 units of insulin and she said in the 400 range. I asked her how much insulin she was taking now and she said 5 units if that, on occasion.
Herbs prescribed: Planetary Herb Treasures "Jin Qian Cao - Yin Chen Hao Compound" , Xiao Ke Formula, Long Dan Xie Gan Tang Plus Compound.
4th visit: Her blood sugar was stable under 120. Her nausea and hypochondriac pain was completely gone. With that gone, she wanted to work on the hot flashes that she was having.
Pulse: rapid, less rolling than before, moderate overall including the Liver/GB positions, deep in the Kidney position.
Tongue: red, thin body, scanty coat.
Diagnosis: Flaring - up of false fire due to Kidney Yin and Yang deficiency.
Acupuncture: Kid 3, Sp6 & 9, Ht 7, Liv 3, LI4,
Herbs: Planetary Herb Treasures "Er Xian Tang Plus Compound", plus Qing Hao, Yin Chen Hao, Zhi Zi, Di Gu Pi, Sheng Di Huang, Mu Dan Pi, Chi Shao Yao.
Result: The patient reported that the hot flashes were gone after 1 week.
5th visit: The patient reported that her blood sugar level was still stable while taking the herbs and that she would take anywhere from 5-10 units of insulin at the most. Hot flashes were gone. No pain over the hypochondriac regions. Her stools and urination were normal. Bupleurum - Dandelion Compound, Xiao Ke Formula, Er Xian Tang Plus Compound, and Planetary Herb Treasures "Fire - Toxin Clearing Compound" were given.
6th visit: The patient reported that she had a test taken for her liver and that her liver enzymes were lowered and all in the normal range. No hypochondriac pain, hot flashes or fevers of any kind were reported. Her blood sugar was stable at 5-10 units of insulin a day at the most.
Pulse: moderate in rate, and strength in all positions.
Tongue: pink, thin white coat.
The patient exclaimed that I saved her life because there wasn't anything that Western medicine could do for her.

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