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Case History # 7 - Uterine fibroids and ovarian cyst

Woman, Age 44,
Diagnosed with fibroids and ovarian cyst. Diagnosis was done with ultrasound. Patient had three fibroids, two on the right side, with a cyst being on the right ovary, and the other fibroid on the left side of the pelvic cavity. The diameters of the fibroids were 4cm, 3cm, and 3cm each respectively. No pain with menstrual periods, no clots, no abnormal flow, no hemorrhaging whatsoever. Palpation over the lower abdominal and pelvic area reveled hardened masses with pain on pressure over the masses.
Pulse: moderate, slightly rolling and wiry.
Tongue: pink, thin, white coat
Diagnosis: Fibroids due to Qi, Blood, and Phlegm stasis.
Treatment: Gui Zi Fu Ling Tang, Chaste Berry, plus Plant Herbal Treasures “Uterine & Breast Clearing (San Leng - E Zhu Compound)”
Acupuncture: Liv 3, LI4, Sp 6, & 9, St 40, Kid12, 13, Zigong, ashi points.
Result: after the treatment the lower abdominal and pelvic regions were palpated and a significant decrease in hardness was observed. The patient reported less pain when palpating over the areas.


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