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Ban Xia Jiang / Pinellia (Prepared w/ Ginger)
Ban Xia Jiang
Taste: Acrid • Temperature: Warm • Category: Transform Phlegm & Stop Coughing • Sub Category: Warm & Transform Phlegm Cold




1. Dries dampness, transforms phlegm, & causes rebellious qi to descend: for cough with copious sputum, as in conditions of phlegm-cold in the Lungs. Especially effective in transforming phlegm due to dampness of the Spleen.

2. Harmonizes the Stomach & stops vomiting: for lingering phlegm-dampness in the Stomach that rebels upward, causing nausea & vomiting.

3. Dissipates nodules & reduces distention: for nodules, pressure, distention, or pain due to phlegm lingering in the chest, phlegm nodules in the neck (such as those of goiter & scrofula), or obstructions caused by phlegm anywhere in the body. Also for focal distention in the chest & epigastrium.


Lung, Spleen, Stomach


Contraindicated in all cases of bleeding, cough due to yin deficiency, or depleted fluids. Use with caution in all cases with heat. May be incompatible with wu tou. Toxic: overdosage symptoms include feeling of burning & numbness in the throat, lips, queasy stomach & nausea, & a feeling of pressure in the chest. For recovery, administer raw ginger orally.