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Ge Gen / Kudzu Root, Pueraria (sliced)
Ge Gen
Taste: Sweet, Acrid • Temperature: Cool • Category: Exterior Releasing - Cool • Sub Category:




1. Releases the muscles & clears heat: for exterior disorders lodged in the muscles manifesting as fever, headache, & stiff or tight upper back & neck.

2. Nourishes the fluids & alleviates thirst: for thirst due to Stomach heat. Especially appropriate in cases of externally contracted heat.

3. Vents measles: to hasten recovery from measles with incomplete expression of the rash.

4. Alleviates diarrhea: for diarrhea or dysenterial disorders due to heat. Can also be used for diarrhea due to Spleen deficiency when combined with other appropriate herbs.

5. Treats symptoms of hypertension: this herb has recently been used to treat the headache, dizziness, tinnitus, or paresthesias that can accompany hypertension.


Spleen, Stomach