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Jue Ming Zi / Cassia Seeds
Jue Ming Zi
Taste: Bitter, Sweet • Temperature: Cool • Category: Clear Heat • Sub Category: Drain Fire


9-15g, up to 30g if used alone


1. Clears the vision & expels wind-heat: for itchy, red, & paniful eyes & sensitivity to light due to externally contracted wind-heat.

2. Clears the Liver & benefits the eyes: for patterns of ascendant Liver yang with such symptoms as headaches, red, painful eyes, excessive tearing, or sensitivity to light.

3. Moistenes the Intestines & unblocks the bowels for dry or infrequent stools or chronic constipatin especailly when due to Liver yin deficiency.

4. Recently used to prevent atherosclerosis as it lowers both blood pressure & serum cholesterol.


Liver, Kidney, Large Intestine


Do not use with huo ma ren. Not recommended for use in cases with diarrhea or hypotension.