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Shan Yao / Dioscorea Opposita
Shan Yao
Taste: Sweet • Temperature: Neutral • Category: Tonic • Sub Category: Tonify Qi


9-30g, 250g decoction daily


1. Tonifies & augments the Spleen & Stomach: for Spleen & Stomach deficiency with such symptoms as diarrhea, fatigue, spontaneous sweating, & lack of appetite.

2. Tonifies the Lung qi & augments the Lung yin: for chronic cough or wheezing due to Lung deficiency.

3. Tonifies the Kidneys & also stabilizes & binds: because this herb moistens & is neither hot nor cold, it benefits both the yin & the yang of the Lungs & Kidneys. It is therefore often used in treating wasting & thirsting disorder. It also binds the essence & treats spermatorrhea, frequent urination, & vaginal discharge.


Kidney, Lung, Spleen


Contraindicated in cases of excess, especially when there is fullness due to dampness, stagnation, or accumulation. May antagonize gan sui.